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Why did the Maya choose to live in the jungle?
Good question that I have often asked myself when I am sweating in the jungle! However, when I am lying in my hammock in the evening and looking at a sky full of bright stars, hearing the sounds of the jungle, it really is amazing and I think then, I know why the Maya chose such a place!

Why were you interested in becoming an archeologist?
I read a lot of adventure books when I was growing up and of course Indiana Jones too! These films and books really inspired me to be an archaeologist. I love learning about the past, how people who were very different from us created the most amazing buildings without any of our modern technology.

What is the most scariest thing you have seen whilst in the jungle?
Definitely the Fer-de-Lance, one of the most aggressive and poisonous snakes in the Americas. I saw two up close together and they were only a few metres away from me!  Luckily I lived tell the tale 🙂

What is your most interesting artefact that you have ever seen?
For me, anything with Maya writing on is really interesting.  I think Maya writing is very beautiful and it is hard to believe that it has grammar in it just like ours!


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