Wooden Maya Calendar

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This beautiful calendar is the perfect tool to explain and understand the concept of time and timekeeping of the ancient Maya.

This product is suited for the Maya Key Stage 2 (KS2) history curriculum.

Wooden Mayan Calendar

The discs are on a plywood base, which is 32 cm in diameter, the outer ring is 31 cm in diameter, so the base just overlaps at the edge to provide protection.

The central disc is fixed to the base and the other four rings rotate around to line up with the numbers, days and month glyphs.

Use the knobs to rotate the rings and work out a date in the Maya calendar!


Mayan Wooden Calendar - side view


The calendar is lightweight and easy to use.


Learn about the Maya Calendar: The Maya Calendar Explained

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Product details

Size: 32 cm x 1 cm

Weigh: 2.4 pounds

Price: £149.99 +P&P.



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