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Thank you for all your questions!

Answers are below:

  1. Did the Maya have school? I am sure that they did, but unfortunately, we just don’t have that information. Remember that I said that many of the Maya books were burned by the Spanish when they conquered the area?  Information about schools would have been in these books, but they have all been destroyed.
  2. Was 21 December 2012 actually predicted by the Maya? No, it wasn’t! If you want to know more about this then click on my Myths about the Maya page.
  3. Where will we be able to find your book (for kids(obviously))! I’d like to know where you could buy it. When my book is ready it will be available on my website under the pupils section – so keep checking back! Hopefully, it will be ready by May this year.
  4. What centuries did the Maya exist in? You will find that answer on the Pupils page – look on the “Maya World” page.

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