Lily from Mayhill Junior

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Hi, Dr Diane, it’s Lily again!   I sent u other questions before.  

 This time it is not a question though;   I wanted 2 say thank you for coming to our school and showing us all those amazingly awesome Maya artefacts, and for answering not just mine, but everybody’s questions. I mean I know it’s ur job and what ur paid 2 do, but I just wanted 2 thank u for putting so much time, effort (and probably money!) searching and finding all these things, figuring out all those facts, going 2 creepy, deadly snake filled jungles just 2 let the world know more about the amazing (just like u) Maya! Thank u.

Hi Lily,

Thank you so much! That is so kind of you.

Actually, it is not a job for me and I get paid very little, rather, it is an absolute love and passion to spread the word about how amazing the Maya are! It makes me extremely happy to see children such as yourself find the Maya as amazing as I do. It is worth many deadly encounters with snakes! 😉


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