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Class Workshops: The Magnificent Maya, the Rainforest and the Life of an Archaeologist

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Workshops on the Maya

A review from the children at Torriano Junior School!

Class workshops (maximum 32 children) usually take place in the morning and last until lunch (3-3.5 hours) or for the whole day if there are several classes.  Children carry out activities of historical enquiry and a large collection of Maya artefacts is available. There is also time for questions, as there are always many!



The workshop includes an informal and interactive powerpoint presentation with images, audio and video clips of:

  • How archaeologists gain an understanding about the past from only the material remains
  • Some of the things I have discovered and how I have used them to understand more about the Maya
  • What it is like to work as an archaeologist in the Maya rainforest
  • The magnificent achievements of the Maya in architecture, art, maths, astronomy, the calendar, writing and chocolate
  • We will bust some myths about the Maya as there is much inaccuracy about them
  • The children will be handling and carrying out historical enquiry with a vast collection of artefacts
  • Activities such as making your own Maya calendar, calculating sums using the Maya number system and deciphering Maya art




Aside from receiving a wonderful introduction to the Maya, the children get to meet a real-life archaeologist, which makes the experience quite unique! Teachers also come away with a good understanding of the topic, as well as ideas for future planning. 

A wonderful thank you letter I received from a child at Castlemorton Primary School


Please note: To ensure that all schools in the UK have the opportunity of these visits, there is no restriction on the distance I travel.  Discounts are given on travel for schools located a good distance from where I live.


“Thank you so much for coming to share your wealth of knowledge about the Maya with our children. They were so enthused about the topic and are really excited to learn more!  The way you delivered the information and the resources you used were perfectly suited to the age group and you had the children in the palm of your hand for the duration of the visit.”
Kirsty Singleton, Lympstone Primary, Devon


Children from Brookland Junior school, trying to play a Maya conch shell trumpet!

“Thank you so much for your visit to our school last week. The children found hearing all about your career and experiences really fascinating and came away with so much exciting information about the Maya. They especially loved hearing about your time in the jungle and had lots of fun in the interactive workshops.”
Louise Drage, Hamworthy Park Junior School, Poole


Presentations on the Maya

I also give 90-minute interactive presentations to more than one class or several years together, discussing what archaeologists do, the ancient Maya and then my life as an archaeologist and my work on the Maya in the Guatemalan jungle. There is also time for questions, but not class activities or handling of the artefacts.


“MANY MANY thanks for coming to West Park Primary School last Thursday. You truly inspired the pupils at our school. They have been full of it and have talked about it none stop!”
Janet Swift, West Park Primary, Wolverhampton


For schools with more than one class studying the Maya

If you have more than one class, then I can come for a full-day dividing my time between each class. Alternatively, I can visit for half a day offering a combination of a shorter presentation to all followed by mini-interactive workshops with each class.

The mini-workshops all include handling and carrying out historical enquiry with my collection of artefacts.  With more time, the children can make their own Maya calendar and learn how to work out the date in real-time, as well as learning how to calculate sums in the Maya number system.


Made by children from Woodfield Junior School, Wolverhampton


“I would like to thank you for taking the time to come in to our school last week and share your knowledge and experience of the Maya. We all enjoyed your presentation and the pupils have been inspired to become archaeologists.
I have put together a short video clip of the mornings events which you can find through the link below, I hope you enjoy it!”

Osi Ejiofor, Woodlands Primary School, Essex



“May I just reiterate how utterly fantastic your visit was and how much the children got from it.”
Bradley Young, Homefield Primary School, Great Yarmouth


 “Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop with the boys! It was well-organised, brilliantly interactive and the boys left so inspired! I received an email from a parent this evening to say it was ‘one of the few times James has come home talking about something other than football at break time! He was really inspired by the Maya talk and would now like to be an archaeologist if he doesn’t make it in the Premiership!’ I thought you would appreciate that one! “

Adelise Easter, Donhead Preparatory School, Wimbledon

My Commute to Work


“Thank you so much for the wonderful day last week. My colleagues all agreed that it was fantastic and I told my head that you were by far the best visitor I’ve ever experienced in my many years at Lomeshaye. One of my boys said that it had been the best day he had had in year six so far!”

Ellie Payne, Lomeshaye Junior School, Lancashire


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