Responses after my visits by children


Found in my bag after giving a workshop to Year 5 at Torriano School, London

Found in my bag after giving a workshop to Year 5 at Torriano School, London!

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“You have really inspired me to be an archaeologist, along with my friend Simon, so THANK YOU!!!!!”
Emily from St. Peter’s Junior School, Nottingham

“Hi Diane on Tuesday the 29th of February you came to my school I loved that you came and helped us make Maya calendars. I really enjoyed your visit, I miss you, you made learning really fun thank you!”
Charlotte from Gillibrand Primary School

“Thank you for teaching us all about the Maya and I think I want to be a Maya archaeologist!”
Summer from Butler’s Court School

“You’ve been to my school today and I enjoyed it, also learnt a lot 🙂 thank you!”
Grace from Corpus Christi School

“I am from Donhead Preparatory School and I liked your workshop today a lot. Thank you very much!”
Will from Donhead Preparatory School

“Hi Dr Diane Davies, it is an absolute pleasure to write to you. If you remember, you visited our school yesterday-Thursday-West Park Primary, and your inspiration to be an archaeologist really determined me to be one. I really enjoyed the day – I learn a lot about the Maya. I hope we meet again!
Hafsa from West Park Primary School

“I love the presentation and facts they were great and I learned a lot of things thanks.’
James Dixon Primary School

“By the way I LOVED your visit!!!!!!! When other people learn the Maya they’ll be fascinated!!!!
Bianca from Wolf Fields Primary School

Thank you so so much that you visited our school and I am so lucky that I met the most famous Maya expert.”
Prathiba Kumar from Wolf fields Primary School

“I love how brave you are to go into the rainforest with just a few other people, you are my inspiration!”
 Alice from Alphington Primary School 

“Thank for visiting our school we really appreciate it.  We would also like to know whether you could visit our school again. thank you very much.”
Jake and Leo from Hertsmere Junior School

“Hi, you have recently visited my school it was very interesting learning about the Maya, especially with you. I was surprised how they lived in the rainforest. Thank you for teaching me as I barely knew anything and now I do. Thank Youuuuuuuuu!”

“Hi Doctor Davies! Thank you for visiting our school and giving us a wonderful day.”
Jake from St James’s Roman Catholic Primary school

“Thank you for coming to our school I really enjoyed it and the assembly was great!”
Anne from St James’s Roman Catholic Primary school

“Hi Diane you saw me and my class on the 21st September it thought it was spectacular, you taught me so much more of the Mayan culture thx !!”

“Hi doctor Davies!  Thank you for coming to see are school and thank you for letting me were those Maya clothes.”
Jack from St. James’s roman catholic Primary school

“Today was amazing. It was a really special experience. I’m sure i’m not the only one who is going to go home and say how awesome the Maya were!”

“Hello my name is Ria, you came to my school  Harrold middle school )!! When I got back from school I told my mum all about you and your website! I found that all of the Maya stuff is really exciting! You have inspired me to become an archaeologist!!!!!!! Please continue to update your website with lots of pictures because I would love to see them! Thank you very much for coming to my school”

“Thank you for coming to the school, I loved it. I’m the boy who told you that I was inspired to be an archaeologist. Once again thank you for coming to the school, it’s probably the best experience so far in Year 5!”
Zack from St. James Primary School

“It was an amazing experience with Dr Davies. She taught us so much and it was very fun! I hope you don’t get bitten by a fer-de-lance!”

“I set up the assembly and lights for you Monday the 2nd of October at Mapperley plains primary school. I am writing to say that I really enjoyed learning about the Maya and touching their artifacts. It was so much fun. You taught me so much: thank you!”

“You came to our School last week and it was Amazing!! 😄”
Danny from St Thomas of Canterbury School