A Journey through the Maya World with Dr Diane Davies

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This award-winning interactive resource takes children on a tour through the Maya world.

This product is suited for the Maya Key Stage 2 (KS2) history curriculum.

Discover the Maya with archaeologist Dr Diane Davies

Children at Grindleford Primary looking impressed!


Product description

Engaging activity sheets encourage children to investigate the Maya world, through their calendar, maths, cities, art, writing and more.

Simply hover a tablet or phone over the pages to watch players compete in the ancient ballgame of Pok-ta-Pok or explore a 3D Maya pyramid.

There are 10 ActiveBETT AWARDS 2016_winnerWorksheets in this book.

Each ActiveWorksheet develops a different primary history curriculum theme such as mapping the Maya or calendars.

The ActiveWorksheets can be photocopied, and the trigger images will even work in black and white.

The book includes a step-by-step teacher guide and a range of extension activities.

Alongside this book is a free appĀ for Android and iOS.

The app uses ActiveLens augmented reality technology, that Computeam has created to bring the pages of the book to life.



Maya Resource 1

I used ‘A Journey through the Maya world’ with my Year 6 class. The children were amazed by the technology. The use of augmented reality really engaged the pupils and I loved watching their faces as the pages came to life!

School history books can often be really dull, but this interactive resource with its easy to use app is great fun. With the expertise of Dr Diane Davies, you can be sure that this resource gives an accurate account of the Maya World.

Mark Woolley Assistant Headteacher at Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Primary School, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Access the resource here


Active Worksheets used at Woodlands Junior school

A Journey through the Maya World: Preview

Instructions for Maya Resource with London Grid for Learning

Children from Brooklands Junior School, London, having fun with the magical resource!

Dr Davies showing the resource to Maya children at Melody School, Guatemala

Access the resource hereĀ 

6 Responses to "A Journey through the Maya World with Dr Diane Davies"
  1. Kevin Ghaffari says:

    I am a teacher in a high poverty school district in Lancaster PA in the USA. Many of our students are refugee students from Central America and they would be fascinated by this program. Can we access it in any way?

    Kevin Ghaffari

    • School: Wheatland Middle School School District of Lancaster
  2. Katherine Norman says:

    Would like to access this resource as a home educator who runs a local world history group. Is this possible?

    • School: Home Educator
  3. Emma says:

    This resource looks amazing and I would love to use it with my class. I can’t seem to download it though – do I need to be part of the London Grid for Learning? My school is in the North East of England!

    • School: Montalbo Nursery and Primary School

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