Maya word for cacao

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Actually, the word cacao (or cocoa) comes from the Maya word KaKaWa.

The ancient Maya used hieroglyphs to write, here is how they wrote cacao:

From the beans of the cacao fruit is made chocolate. The scientific name of the cacao plant, “Theobroma cacao“, means “the food of the gods”.

The plants comes from the Americas and was used as far back as 2,000 BC. The ancient Maya particularly loved cacao.

Once the pods are ripe, they are harvested. Then the beans are husked from the pods.

The beans of the cacao have a bitter taste and must be fermented to develop flavour. After fermentation, then they are left out until dried. Once all dried, the beans are roasted.

Their shell is removed and the beans are then ground.

Chocolate is made from a combination of cacao, cacao butter and sugar (milk powder is added to make milk chocolate).

Watch “Making Natural Chocolate from Scratch” (2:48):


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