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Class Projects on the Maya – Children’s Work

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  1. Ella'H says:

    Thank you for putting your own time in deciding to drive 5 hours just to visit my school. I’m delighted to have learnt about the maya it was so interesting and extremely inspiring to know that you are the ONLY! maya specialist in the country.Loved the artefacts it was truly a stunning visit and again thank you so much!

    • School: Cheddington Combined School
  2. Mia cordingley says:

    Dr Diane Davies

    Dear Diane you’re website is helping a lot with my homework it was very interesting when you showed us how they made chocolate we made a really funny class assembly with the info you taught us when you came to year six (Perry hall primary) I was wondering how the Maya made stelae did they carve them? If you know please reply.
    Yours sincerely
    Mia Cordingley

      • Diane Davies says:

        Hi Mia,

        I would have loved to see the assembly, i am sure you all were great! Yes, the Maya carved stelae using stone tools.

      • shayonna says:

        Thank you for coming to carisbrookeCENewport we really enjoyed your visit and took all the infomation you gave us in greatly.

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