Did the Maya have Music?

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Did the Maya have Music?



There are many depictions on painted vases and murals of the ancient Maya playing musical instruments. We also have been lucky enough to find remains of these instruments too. Instruments could be made out of clay, wood, bone, shell and even reeds such as trumpets, drums, flutes, whistles and rattles.

Music was played on many occasions, from ballgame events and warfare to festivities at court.

The image above depicts a conch shell that was used as a trumpet. It is very hard to play…see how Brookland School children having a go…


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4 Responses to "Did the Maya have Music?"
  1. Devanssh says:

    In Indian tempals , we still use these instruments. I mean we have a bit more advanced one, but it’s still the same right?????

    • School: D.P.S ,sector 40 c,chandigarh, India
    • Diane Davies says:

      Yes! The conch shell is both used in India and with the Maya. There are some other similarities between India and the Maya – can you guess any? Hint -think of the number system….

    • Naomi says:

      I play piano but this is utz!

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