Maya Timeline

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An interactive timeline of the Maya including 11 timeline cards highlighting key events in their history, additional questions filled with interesting facts and a 2-piece blank timeline for display.

This product is suited for the Maya Key Stage 2 (KS2) Curriculum



Created with Wildgoose Education, the timeline can be used as a basis for a whole topic; as a starter or plenary activity; or as a wonderful tool to monitor the progression of pupils’ learning. 


Example Cards:

AD 1524-1697 – The Conquest of the Maya by the Spanish.

Who were the last Maya people to be defeated by the Spanish in 1697? The Itza in Guatemala.

300 BC – El Mirador, Guatemala – the first Maya city

What were Maya pyramids used for? As temples for workshop and ceremonies.

21st December 2012 – The Maya Calendar

Why is this date mentioned in regard to the Maya calendar?  It has been suggested that the ancient Maya predicted that the world would end on this date. This is not true though, 21 December 2012 was only the end of a cycle for the Maya and a new one would begin the next day, much like our New Year’s Eve or end of the millennium.

Product Details

Contents: 11 x A5 timeline cards and a 2-piece blank timeline.

Price: £11.99 +P&P.


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