Before you travel to Guatemala and the Maya area in general


What to Pack: Suggestions

• Small English/Spanish dictionary
• Guatemala travel guidebook
• Passport and passport copy
• Money belt
• Prescription medications
• Other medications you need as well as a small first aid kit, including plasters, antiseptic, ibuprofen, dioralyte and so on
• Insect repellent (repellent in Guatemala is not strong enough)
• Ipad/tablet or phone for emails and taking notes
• Hat/Sunglasses/Suntan cream
• Water bottle
• Alarm clock (battery operated)
• Camera
• Comfortable walking shoes and sandals
• Toiletries
• Small backpack
• Raincoat
• Casual dress for nightlife and dining
• Enough clothes to last the duration of the trip
• Swimsuit
• Headlight or torch
• USB stick
• Travel Insurance and flight ticket
• Travel adapter (follow US style-2 prong)
• Phone


Reading List – Books on the ancient Maya

Diane Davies
2016 Journey through the Maya World. Millgate House (Created for primary schools, but adults love it as well!)

Diane Davies, Richard Petts, Mark Woolley,  Jennifer Farmer, Lisa Dale and Selina King
2017   Maya Archaeologist – Scheme of Work – for teachers only

Michael Coe
2015 The Maya. Thames and Hudson

Arthur Demarest
2004 Ancient Maya: The Rise and Fall of a Rainforest Civilization. Cambridge University Press.

Michael D. Coe and Mark Van Stone.
2005 Reading the Maya Glyphs. Thames and Hudson

Michael D. Coe,
2011 Breaking the Maya Code. Thames and Hudson

Dennis Tedlock
1985 The Popul Vuh. Touchstone

Mary Ellen Miller and Megan E. Neil
2014 Maya Art and Architecture

Rigoberta Menchu
1984 I, Rigoberta Menchu, Indian Woman in Guatemala. Verso Books


Documentaries on YouTube

Nova (PBS) ‘Cracking the Maya code’ History of the decipherment of Maya writing

Dawn of the MayaNational Geographic. Detailing early sites such as San Bartolo, where I carried out my research